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International conference:  Diasporas and ‘Race’
Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC (USA)
25-27 October 2012

24.10 Wednesday:  ZSR Library Auditorium, WFU

7:30                Pre-conference film screenings Rahmin Bahrani’s Goodbye Solo

25.10 Thursday :       Reynolda House Museum of American Art
2250 Reynolda Road

9:00-10:00                 Conference registration

10:00-11:45               Session # 1: Diasporic Encounters
Moderator: Karina Bautista, WFU (USA)

  • Omar Ali, UNC-G (USA), Islam and the African Diaspora to the East: Al-Jahiz’s “The Book of the Glory of the Blacks over the Whites”
  • Geoffroy de Laforcade, Norfolk State U. (USA), Counter-Hegemonic Discourses of Diaspora in the Southern Americas: Race, Memory, and “Afrodescendientes” in Argentine and Cuban Historical Criticism

12:00-2:00     Conference lunch: Welcome, Sally Barbour, Romance Languages & WGS; Kline Harrison, Provost’s Office for Global Affairs; and Allison Perkins, Reynolda House Museum of American Art, WFU (USA)

2:00-4:00       Session #2: Hybridizations
Moderator: Judith Madera, WFU (USA)

  • Heather Smyth, U. of Waterloo (CA), “transatlantic transubstantiation”: Wayde Compton’s Multimodal Appropriation of Diaspora
  • Victoria Bridges Moussaron, U. Charles de Gaulle (FR), Derek Walcott in New York:  Reading instructions for sorting the colored and the white laundry
  • Christine Vogt-William, U. of Freiburg (DE), Twins, Mixed Race Identities and Diaspora in Contemporary Novels

4:30-7:00                   Epic Thursdays/Poetry Slam/reception, part of the
exhibition Romare Bearden: A Black Odyssey and featuring theatre, spoken word, live music, DJs, art activities, food and drink. Admission, included in the registration fee for all “Diasporas and ‘Race’” conference attendees, includes the program, food and bar.  

7:00-8:00                   Plenary #1: Reading and dialogue with Josefina Baez, Dominicanyork
performance artist. Josefina Baez reads Comrade, Bliss ain't playing
Introduction: Edyta K. Oczkowicz, Salem College (USA)

 26.10 Friday:             Reynolda House Museum of American Art

9-10:30                       Session # 3: Theorizing Race, Diasporic and Transnational   Communities 
Moderator: Indira Karamcheti, Wesleyan U. (USA)
Thomas Lacroix, IMI, U. of Oxford (UK)

  • Maggi Morehouse, USC, Aiken (USA), Using African Diaspora Theory to Understand Transnational Communities
  • Ipek Demir, U. of Leicester (UK), Translating Ethno-Political Identities in Diaspora: the case of Kurds
  • Ileana Daniela Chirila, NCSU (USA) Gypsy, Rom, Romanian: Race and Memory in Romani Literature from Romania

10:30-10:45               Coffee break

10:45-12:15               Session #4: Theorizing Race, Diasporic and Transnational Communities (continued)
Moderator: Ananda Mitra, WFU (USA)

  • Cedric Tolliver, U. of Houston (USA), A Peculiar Situation: Race, Diaspora, and African Liberation in a Cold War Context
  • Holly Collins, Baylor U. (USA), Race and Diaspora: Persistent Specters of the Past and the Tensions that Remain
  • Debora Stefani, Georgia State (USA), A Journey into the Meaning of Diaspora in the Twenty-first Century: Examining the Interaction between Ethnicity and Religion

12:15-1:30                 Conference lunch

1:30-2:45                   Session #5 Gender Constructions and Negotiations
Moderator: Ron Neal, WFU (USA)

  • Jacqueline Couti, U. of KY (USA), Paris de mes amours: Sexuality, Diasporic Spaces, and Destabilization of  Exoticism à la française in the Interwar Period”
  • Fionnghuala Sweeney, Liverpool U. (UK), Afromodernist London between the wars

2:45-3:00                   Coffee break

3:00-4:15                   Session #6 : Gender Constructions and Negotiations (continued)
Moderator: David Howard, U. of Oxford (UK)

  • Jarrett Hugh Brown,  College of the Holy Cross (USA), The Shadow of Intimacy: Male Bonding and Improvised Masculinity in Claude McKay’s Banjo: A Story Without a Plot
  • Michael A. Bucknor, UWI, Mona (Jamaica), Discursive Dialogue in Black Diasporas: Political Struggle and the Refashioning of Masculinities in Jamaican Popular Fiction

4:15                            Break and move to ZSR Library Auditorium, WFU

5:00-6:00            Plenary #2:  “Return to My Native Land ?: Discursive Landscapes of  African Diasporic Pilgrimages.”
Myriam J. A. Chancy is a Haitian-Canadian writer/scholar and author, most recently, of the novel The Loneliness of Angels and the critical study From Sugar to Revolution: Women’s         Visions of Haiti, Cuba and the Dominican Republic

7:00-9:00                   Conference dinner (Downtown Thai)                                                                                            http://www.downtownthai.com/

 27.10 Saturday          Reynolda House Museum of American Art

9:00-10:30                 Session 7 : New Diasporas
Moderator: Claudine Raynaud, EMMA, Paul Valéry U. (FR)

  • Debra S. Boyd, NCCU (USA), New Diasporas of Nomads and Sedentaries
  • Corinne Duboin, U. de La Réunion (RE) ‘I am Black,’ he said. ‘I am Black!’”: New African Diasporas, Indeterminacies, and the Process of Transformation in The Virgin of Flames by Chris Abani
  • Heike Raphael-Hernandez, U. of MD, Eur. Div. (USA/DE), Cinematic Presentations of Global South Diasporas in the U.S. in Conflict with Second Generations

10:15-10:30               Coffee break

10:30-11:45               Session #8: New Diasporas (continued)
Moderator:  : Judith Misrahi-Barak, EMMA, Paul Valéry U. (FR)

  • Bénédicte Ledent, U. de Liège (BE), The Limits of Diasporic  Solidarity in Dinaw  Mengestu’s Fiction
  • Charles I. Nero, Bates College (USA), Redeeming Whiteness?:  The West African Migrant to America as Christian Black Saint in Rahmin Bahrani’s Goodbye Solo and Jim Sheridan’s In America

11:45-1:00                 Conference lunch

1:00-5:00                   Symposium: “The Global Homer: Odyssey in the Context of Diaspora” 

  • The Symposium was organized to coincide with the Diasporas and ‘Race’ conference; registration for the symposium is included in the conference registration fee. Speakers: Robert O'Meally (Zora Neale Hurston Professor of English at Columbia University), Emily Greenwood (Professor of Classics at Yale University), Noel Gregson Davis (Professor of Classics at New York University), Richard Powell (John Spencer Bassett Professor of Art History at Duke University), and Omaar Hena (Assistant Professor of English at Wake Forest University). For more information: http://www.reynoldahouse.org/footer_links/footer_links/press_detail.php?press-id=617142637
  • Description of the exhibit at Reynolda House:                              http://www.sites.si.edu/exhibitions/exhibits/romareBearden/index.htm