Certificates Requirements               

Certificate in Spanish Translation/Localization (STL) teaches strategies of Spanish 
into English translation and introduces students to various software/web site 
translation applications. Requirements include SPA 371; SPA 381; SPA 384; SPA 382 or SPA 387 or SPA 388; and LIN 383.

Certificate in Spanish Interpreting (SI) teaches strategies for different types 
of Spanish/English interpreting. Requirements include SPA 382; SPA 384; one course in the SPA 330-369 sequence; and any one of the following courses: SPA 381 or SPA 387 or SPA 388 or SPA 391 or SPA 371 or SPA 322 or LIN 383.

Contact: Dr. Furmanek furmano@wfu... or Prof. Burgos burgosda@wfu...


Certificate in Spanish for International Cooperation, Business and Law (ICBLteaches general concepts and skills necessary to perform effectively in professional international cooperation, business and law Spanish-speaking settings. Requirements include SPA 381; SPA 387; SPA 388; and SPA 389.

Certificate in Medical Spanish (MS) teaches medical and cultural concepts and prepares students to use Spanish in a healthcare setting. Requirements include SPA 382; SPA 383; and SPA 391.

Contact: Dr. José josea@wfu...


Certificate in Business French: concentration prepares students to use their French in their future professional life. The program focuses on French business culture, translation and cross-cultural awareness. Requires 12 hours above French 319 which include:

319 Composition and Review of Grammar.

321 Introduction to Translation

329 Introduction to Business French

330 Advanced Business French 
and one additional course in French above 214

Contact: Department Chair Dr. Wells  wells@wfu…


Spanish Certificates 
2014-2015 sequence

Fall 2014 

SPA 371 Contrastive Spanish/English
Grammar and Stylistics

SPA 381 Spanish Translation

SPA 383 Medical-Scientific Translation

SPA 388 Global Negotiation and Conflict-Management Skills in a Spanish-Speaking Setting



Spring 2015

SPA 382 Spanish-English Interpreting

SPA 387 Cultural Industries and Institutions in Spain and Spanish America

SPA 393 Medical Spanish

LIN 383 Language Engineering: Localization and Terminology Management