Alan Jose

Alán José

Ph.D UC Berkeley 2011, Hispanic Languages and Literatures
MPP UC Berkeley 2004, Public Policy, Emphasis on Cultural Institutions & Creative Industries
Assistant Professor

Office: Greene Hall 551
Phone: (336) 758-4702

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Alán graduated summa cum laude from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México with a Licenciatura in Hispanic Languages & Literatures before moving to the University of California, Berkeley to complete his education.  While at UC Berkeley, Alán obtained his Masters in Public Policy with an emphasis on cultural institutions and a Ph.D. in Hispanic Language and Literatures. Since then, Alán has taught courses in literature and cultural studies, language, and economics throughout the United States, México, and France.  His teaching and research emphasizes his interest in comparative cultural institutions, cultural economics, aesthetics and technology.  Alán’s research has been featured in books, conference addresses, and peer reviewed journals throughout the Americas.  He has received several prestigious fellowships and awards including a Fulbright scholarship, and a national monograph award for his book on Salvador Elizondo’s Farabeuf. Because of his researchAlán was appointed head of the advisory board of the Mexican Council for Culture and the Arts and cultural attaché to the European Union.




SPN 359 Arts & Commerce in Spain and Spanish-America
SPN 212 Spanish Language & Culture
SPN 153 Intermediate Spanish


SP113 What is Being Mexican? The Construction of Identity in Mexico through Literature & the Law 1810-2010
SP135 The Age of the Author: Literature, Technology and Cultural Institutions 1550-2010
L&S120 Crime, Detection and Punishment in Literature, Film & Television
SP104B Survey of Latin American Literature 1880-2010
HUM140A & 140B Survey of Modern Intellectual History 1550-1800 & 1810-2000
SP25 Advanced Reading and Analysis of Literary Texts

ECON1 Introduction to Economics
ECON100A & 100B Micro & Macroeconomic Analysis

SP1 ; SP2; SP3; SP4 ; HYBRID 1A First & Second-Year College Spanish
SP30A; SP30B First & Second-Year College Spanish Conversation
OPT430A; OPT430B & SP325 Spanish for Health Professionals (Pre-Med and Professional)


At the Ibero-american Culinary School
GAST225 History of the Representation of Food in Literature & the Visual Arts