The Honors designation in Romance Languages is a recognition of outstanding scholarship in the field, as evidenced by academic achievement, critical thinking, and intellectual initiative. Highly qualified majors selected by the Romance Languages faculty are invited to participate in the honors program, which candidates undertake in addition to the requirements for the major.

The honors program requires completion of SPN 398 or FRH 390 (Directed Reading, 1.5h) and SPN 399 or FRH 391 (Directed Research, 3h). Directed Reading, normally taken during the fall semester of the student’s final year, includes reading and discussion of a number of texts on the selected topic, and a written exam covering these texts. At the end of fall semester, the student submits an annotated biblio­graphy and an abstract of the honors thesis. Directed Research, taken during the student’s final semester, consists of writing the thesis following a schedule established by the director and the student. At the end of this course, the honors student defends the thesis orally before appropriate faculty who collectively may confer honors.