LAC/LxC Modelos / Models
Modelo "adjunto"/ Adjunct Model (SUNYBinghamton-St. Olaf) It works better if the professor teaching the "content" course is the same one teaching the reading and comment section in the foreign language. If there are two professors, they will need to work closely.
Modelo "paralelo"/ Parallel Model (University of Minnesota) The relationship between the two courses is not very close; each course is taught by a different professor. Sometimes the section taught in a foreign language receives students from two or more courses dealing with similar or related topics. For instance, a section in Spanish may receive students taking history of Mexico.




COMO Subgroupo en el CURSO
Modelo "infusión"/ Infusion Model (Earlham College) In this model the section in the foreign language is internal to the course and all students participate in it. The level of the language is not too high - it requires the ability to read documents, letters, etc.

Modelo "combinado"/ Combination Model (Webster University) The professor teaches in the foreign language but students read and write essays in English. Class discussion is also in English.